Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Woke up in Japan.

So... I went to the airport the other day. It was a Monday. I got on the plane at 4:30 pm. When I got off the plane it was 8:30 pm Tuesday. The crazy thing is I was only on the plane for 11 hours. Now, I'm no math wiz but I think 4:30 + 11 hours does not equal 8:30 the next day.... Time travel math is hard.

 The weirdest part about this picture is that 549 MPH is the slowest I have moved in days. Also -52 is the temp at which I finally stop sweating.

THis is what the sun setting at 34,000 looks like.
I'm not saying this proves I am in Japan. But, ...

Not only does my toilet seat have a "SHOWER" button, but, it also has a knob to adjust the shower spray from back to front (?).... :[

If you aren't eating miso soup with extra seaweed and slimy, tiny mushrooms in it you are doing breakfast wrong.

Also, if you are not taking your miso breakfast near the massive koi pond in front of your hotel, you are doing it wrong.

Then I found some classic genie action on 

 For some reason my lunch was sideways. But, crazy delicious!

If you didn't believe me about the time travel before. Just look at this van!

I feel like the airport bathroom had too much to drink and then layed down on the floor and passed out. Go home toilet, you are drunk.A lil' too drunk probably. 

I'm just gonna leave this right here. 

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