Thursday, November 20, 2008


Allie Still won't let me post any of she and Brett's engagements, so...

We headed to Moab last week for the annual "boys trip". There is very little difference then any other Moab trips other then we also ride some of the 'harder' trails, eat a lot, stay up late and think less. It's a good time.

This year we had at least 35 vehicles, some carrying two people. That's a big group. A big slow moving group. We didn't cover as much ground but we had just as much fun. No one was hurt and we only had a few toy related casualties. It was a good year.

Garret might have a freakishly large head but I think at least some of it is the helmet.

140 showing us how it's done... again.

This is the floor of a mine we ran across in our travels.

This was also in the mine. I'm sure we were perfectly safe.


Cort is always so confused when he sees me.

Nate 210 was just taken out by this obstacle. poor lil' guy.

(Notice that one arm is wrapped around his head and the other is trying for the bike. Flexible lil' guy. Ain't he.)

210 is double checking his plan of attack with Matt and Cort.

210 showed this climb how it should be done.

I forget which modeling gig Matt is using this one for. I think it's for the beanie-wearing-truck-buying-riding-pants-wearing-beard-growers-of-America's annual calender. Mr. June himself.

This is brother mike. 210's brother that is.

This is what Matt and Cort look like waiting for 45 mins for people to put their riding gear on. A chest protector is not 45 mins complicated, I promise.

This little shrub made my eyes ache when I was editing it. Enjoy.

Moab looks so alien most of the time. If you go I would remind you to look around. it will be worth it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Follow me!

Hi all. No photos today but I have a favor to ask. I added a new feature right there on the left side of my page. It's the "Follow this blog" thing. I would be ever so happy if everyone that visited would become a follower. It makes me so happy to see all the smiling faces when I log-on.

I am on my way to Moab again so I promise some more pics next week. Until then here is the poster I have been using for motivation this week.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Winter starts in... 3... 2...

Fall time couldn't make it this year so we went straight to winter. Last week the weather went from upper 70's to low 30's in about 3 days. And over night two ski resorts got enough snow to open this weekend.
Even the trees were taken by surprise. Most of them still had their leafs and about 70% were still green. The freezing temps and the snow took care of that though.
And lucky for me that means inches of leafs on the ground in all directions. Here a a couple of pics I snapped at Barnes Park in Kaysville, Utah.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another A&B preview

Allie made me promise not to post any, but she broke down and posted some on her blog anyway. I am still going to wait a bit, but, if you want you can check out her blog for another sneak peek.

Just click here!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A&B Preview

I have met with Allie & Brett a few times. They wanted to keep the photos a secret for a few more weeks until the invites go out. But I had to post something so all my blog fans (Mom & Grandma) don't think I have been slacking. (Don't worry, I got allies permission before posting.)
So here is a lil' preview of A&B.