Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VIP for the win

My weekend was awesome.

How was yours?

I'm gonna stop you before you can tell me; because, no matter what you did my weekend still wins.
Allow me to illuminate. My friend 210 works at HeatShrink.com. HeatShrink.com is a sponsor at Miller Motorsports Park. This means that 210 had a few extra tickets to the Lucas Oil Off-Road truck races this past weekend. And, as luck would have it, 210's boss, Ray, is cool and let 210 invite a few of his friends along. And, as even more luck would have it these were VIP tickets with a lot of perks. Including, but not limited to, lunching with Mario Andretti!!! (Yes, all three exclamations are necessary.) I also saw motocrossers Brian Degan and Twitch who drive trucks in the series.
So with my all access VIP pass in hand me and my camera went where ever we pleased. Enjoy my freedom in the pictures below.

And if you want to see more you can look at all of my pictures here. (There is even a blurry picture of me and Mario Andretti.!!!)

What a pretty weld.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bill's Bone Yard

I am a fan of salvage yards. But it's just garbage you say? Nay nay, it is big stacks of possible coolness. Today I went to Bill's Bone yard. Bill's is all bike and very cool. Have a look-see for yourself.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

St. Anthony's Idaho

Ah the dunes.

Sand dunes that is.

St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho.
It was not our best trip, but it was a trip. Let me give you a break down:
9 hours of driving
4 broken motorcycles
60 gallons of diesel
3ish hours of sleep

So enjoy the pictures.
View from the top of Choke Cherry
(click it for mo' bigger. (It's worth it.))
10 minutes out and 210 wrecked twice.

Pete's burnt clutch.

Our white-trash 140.

Removing Pete's bike.

It's just like Saving Private Ryan.

Extracting the 140 mobile.

Celebrating the demises.

"Prob' the flux-capasitor."

Spares. All spares.

210 workin' it.

Who wouldn't want to be here?