Monday, August 30, 2010

Dog sitting

My aunt and uncle went out of town a few weekends back and I was the luck one they asked to take care of their babies. I'm not talking about their kids,(Leaving kids with me is irresponsible. I can't even keep myself from getting hurt) I watch their dogs. All three of them. They have two Rhodesian ridge backs, Ginger and Akila; and a chihuahua named Smokey.
At first the dogs were a little reluctant when they saw me but after Smokey got over his initial bought of floor-peeing excitement we were fast friends. Here are a few pics I snapped while I was there.








Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Allsup

Ah backpacking. Take some time off work, put 50 pounds on your back, walk for 5 hours, get eaten by bugs, sleep on the ground and hope nothing big eats you in the night. I really love it and wish I went more often.
On this trip we walked in to Lake Allsup in the High Uintas of Utah. We camped at 10,600 feet and then hiked up over 12,000 feet. We saw long horn sheep bouncing around with their kids on the edge of a cliff; had out camp raided by a giant porcupine; scared off a badger and had a bull moose eye ball us from across a 15 foot river.
Lucky for you I am tired or I would go into detail about the size of blisters caused by hiking in wet shoes.
This is the upper bowl. over that edge is the lake, a few hundred feet down.

The lake is the little blue thing 3/4 on the left.

Elephant head flowers

Cort needed a breather.

Flowers everywhere.

Erik is not sure why he came.
They only look lost.

Inside a little snow cave under the glacier.

Did I mention the flowers?

Seriously, lots of flowers.

This is a long exposure of the big dipper taken at about 11:30 at night in a nearly full moon.

Cort and I taking a water sample.

Wood and I.

Packed to go.