Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 1

Day 1:  Uinta Trail Head to The Chain Lakes
  6+ hours hiking
  7.5 miles
  2500'+ elevation gain
  4 rain storms

      Also, I only packed my iPhone 4s for weights sake. I do not love the picture quality but It works at only 4.9 ounces. (My Pentax is K100D is 16.25oz with out the battery or any lens!) The iPhone did a fair job but Digital zoom will never replace optical in my life time. There is an app that is fun to play with called 360PANORAMA. it takes 360 degree panoramas. Here are the Panos from day 1: Sheep Bridge, Lower Chain Lake

This picture is proof that you will not die horribly if you electronic devices are left on.

35 LBS of everything you need to survive in the woods. This time I carried extra water (hoping it would ease the altitude sickness) and too much food. At least it is bright orange.

The pay off.

Monday, June 11, 2012


  I am back! Only several months without a post and here I am. I am digging up pictures from November of last year. But what's 8 months between friends?
  Here are pictures that were used for Christmas cards last year so I hope it doesn't ruin the surprise. :)


Hanna's mom, Erica, were very open to my suggestions.
Sky, "What if we cram her in that thing?"
 Erica, "Sure!"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My camera is dying!

Hello Everyone. My camera is dying. It can't quit figure out how to focus anymore. I will be buying a new Pentax K-5. Feel free to donate to help me along with a donation. 100% of it goes to me!

 I still have a few months of un-posted pictures left to post. Here are a few pictures to tide you over until next time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Park can Beat up Your Park.

Lewisville Park is neat. Bordering on neat-o. And, lucky for you, I am tired tonight so you get pictures with out a story. Enjoy. I will add one thing: I like taking pictures of mushrooms.