Monday, May 19, 2008

How bored are you?

I hit the Utah Renaissance Fair on Saturday. Yes, I was that bored. The ox was so big that only his nose fit in frame.
These war horses were giant, and mean. At least to each other.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Salon?

Thats right, a salon. Not a saloon.

That's what brought me to the Gallivan Center in down town Salt Lake on Monday night. I didn't need my hair done, or a manicure. (There are some who will argue with me on this.) I went because my parents just purchased this nice little salon in corner of the Wells Fargo building facing the Gallivan Center.

The Invited me along for the grand reveal to the employees so I could take some pics of there new digs. Unfortunatly, all my lenses are being cleaned except my zoom. And it is horrible in low light, especially when I forget my tripod.

So, I wandered outside and snapped some shot. Enjoy

Just outside of the 2 News studios.

I love clouds. Hes a few nice ones through the glass sky bridge.
This is doing a great job as well.I was even snowing for a while.
When the snow left the flowers came out.

These dogs were inside the Gallivan Center.

Friday, May 9, 2008

So I have been slacking this week. It may not be an excuse, but my camera is still at the cleaners. Not only that but my job has been making me "work". I don't care for it, and suggest you avoid it.
But never fear. I still have my trusty point-and-shoot. Here a a few of the things I have seen this week.

Early morning drifting track day. If you don't know drifting I will explain.
Drift = sideways fanciness in a car at high speeds.
What part of that doesn't sound like some thing I would Love. That's right, there is nothing in that description I wouldn't enjoy.
Sometime Dew gets drunk. Sometimes there's lots of Dew. It also gets drunk.If you are going to the dunes for the ladies then you better be rollin' in a Gremlin.
I, unfortunately, do not roll in a Gremlin, hence I have no ladies.
I know what your thinking, "More dunes pics? Don't you guys do anything else?"
The answer is no. No we don't.
But for us the dunes are like cake to a fat kid; there can never be enough.
(I would know because I loves me some cake!)
The problem with the dunes is that there is usually someone else with a camera. That means pictures of me.
Cort got a good picture of me in proportion to my 4-wheeler. I am only 3' 6" tall.

Yet another picture of me. That speck is me getting positioned to take the following pictures.
Good pic Cort.
Here we see what Matt looks like when he thinks he's big.
Mark leaves a trail of dirt everywhere he goes. Just like Pigpen.
I got artsy for a minute. That's some of Matt's tires/shadow.
I found a beetle.
He was on a long journey. Something about "the one ring". I dunno?
We took a break.
That's what you do when Matt gets a flat tire.
After our break Cort found a soft spot.
We are all getting pretty good at finding them.
Matt found a wheelie!
I got stuck a little. On the plus side, I found this sweet roster tail while I was stuck.
Then Cort found this nice wheelie.
Mark even found this one. Not bad for his first trip on the new bike.
We took another break.
Matt got his trick boots on and we found this jump for him.
Mark bought the same trick boots.
Kurt found this fly.
This trick is called the "Intimidator"
In this shot by Cort I am standing off camera and Matt is "Intimidating" me.
Its more "Intimidating" in real life.
I found a flower.
Matt chillin'.
This is what you find if you ride to the end of the dunes. The junipers start to invade here and there until there is just trees and gravel.
Sneaky junipers.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Random Picture day!

My poor littel camera is still in the shop, as per my last post.
Luckily I have a hard drive full of things to look at.
Enjoy the randomness.
Here is my Dough. Don't be fooled by her cuteness, her brain is actually very small.
If you don't mind being lovingly pawed awake at 4.30 in the AM shes fun to have around.
There'ssome new construction near an old barn down the road from my house.
Not only is it a good place to ride your 4wheeler around, there is a family of foxes that live under the old barn.
The were bot excited about us riding around.

They got over their shyiness pretty fast.
He better stop eyeballing me or else...

There was alot of sky that day.

Heres a few pics of Prestons new Rhino.

Here it is making quick work of a little hill.

It took care of this big hill at nearly the same pace.

This poor lil' flower was growing in the middle of where we were riding. He didn't make it...

Here's my very own wheeler. Its so fast the flag even blows back when its standing still.
The next two pictures will help explain why my camera is in the shop.

This is what gusty winds do to the dunes.

This is Cort and Matt holding things down on 2000 and the '97 respectivly.

Paul on his Banshee, my wheeler and Matt parkinig the '97.

There are a few bonuses to being at the dunes in a wind storm.

1. We are the only fools follish enough to stay and ride around.

2. We are at the dunes.

P.s. If you click on the pic it gets bigger. I just found this out.