Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Salon?

Thats right, a salon. Not a saloon.

That's what brought me to the Gallivan Center in down town Salt Lake on Monday night. I didn't need my hair done, or a manicure. (There are some who will argue with me on this.) I went because my parents just purchased this nice little salon in corner of the Wells Fargo building facing the Gallivan Center.

The Invited me along for the grand reveal to the employees so I could take some pics of there new digs. Unfortunatly, all my lenses are being cleaned except my zoom. And it is horrible in low light, especially when I forget my tripod.

So, I wandered outside and snapped some shot. Enjoy

Just outside of the 2 News studios.

I love clouds. Hes a few nice ones through the glass sky bridge.
This is doing a great job as well.I was even snowing for a while.
When the snow left the flowers came out.

These dogs were inside the Gallivan Center.

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