Saturday, September 24, 2011

In September I went on a motorcycle road trip with my aunt and uncle. We crossed several states and hundreds of miles and I took a lot of pictures. I will get to those pictures in the next post. This post is just a pile of pictures of my loverly bike I took on the trip. I knew that's what you were looking for.

Here is our first stop in Twin Falls.
This is what mine and my uncles bikes look like in Idaho.

 Lovely flat Pendleton Oregon.

 This is about half way through the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington side.

 The road to Ft. Stevens, Oregon.
 The beautiful coast just north of Pacific City, Oregon.
 The dirt road to Munson Creek Falls.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A new one for Justin & Sarah

Justin and Sarah have a little boy named Porter. They had such a good time with him they thought another would make things even better. The new one they named Briggs. Then they asked me to take pics of their new additions and the family as a whole. I said I'm on my way and these pictures are the result.
This is Porter. Fact: He is cute.
 This is Briggs. He is also cute but lazy. 
He just laid there the whole time.


A lil behind the scenes action. It isn't all fake smiles and awkward poses. There is also Hair pulling and kiss avoidance.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Gracie, not Daisy.

 That's right. I said Gracie.
  Let me tell you a funny story. 

I'm an idiot. 

Wait it gets even better. I went to Justin and Paulette's to take pics of cute lil' Gracie. I knew her name was Gracie. I guarantee the two of them said her name sixty times each. I probably said her name (Gracie unless you too are an idiot) thirty times. Then I went home and put the pictures on a DVD. I was confused on her name for some reason so I sent a text to her uncle to confirm, and yep her name was still Gracie. So I immediately wrote Daisy on the DVD of pictures I gave them. 

You read right, DAISY!!! I wrote Daisy. Not Gracie, DAISY!

Lucky for me Justin and Paulette are too nice and pretended it was funny. Any who, enjoy the pictures.