Saturday, March 29, 2008 I walked.

It was a nice day yesterday. I should be riding my bike everyday to get ready for the 100 miler in a few monthes, but, the bike was getting a tune up, so I decieded on a walk. The best part of a walk is, it's much easier to take pictures. So, I walked.

Monday, March 24, 2008


If you've seen my pictures before you know that my feet are my favorite subjects. Here are the most recent examples.

Us Screwing around, and the Knolls.

We usually plan a 4wheeling trip by screwing around for a few hours before loading our toys up and going. Here's the results...
Once we'd finsished planning (see above) we headed to the Knolls.
The starting line...
I think thats as far as the suspension will go. Nate 140 taking care of that hill.
Brad took care of this one.

Melissa's Bridals

So Melissa, my beautiful cousin, talked me into taking a few bridals for her. It wasn't hard for her to convince me. The Kip, a.k.a. dad, had just traded a wiring job for a Pentax digital SLR that I was dieing to use. And here's some of what came out. The tie was my favorite part of the dress! Still learning how to use the camera...

Mine Blog!

If you know me, and I'm guessing you might, you know I take a lot of pictures. And you also might know that i have a lot of randomness inside me. So, I thought why not combine the two in one place... TADA!!!
In truth I stole the idea out right from other photographers I like, namely, and you should have a look, they're cool.