Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Record Breaking

Too day was a record breaking day for my little blog. Today I had 245 page views!!!(My previous record is somewhere around 3. My mom and grandmothers use this site to verify that I am still alive and to prove to there friends that I am, in fact, literate.)

How did I break this record? It was all thanks to Chris at BIKEEXIF is a very cool website by Chris from his home in Sydney, Australia. He posts about; as he says, "new and classic cafe racers, customs, vintage motorbikes, retro track weapons and style icons."

I sent Chris a message a few weeks back telling him what a great site he had and that many of the bikes he posts each day have help inspire me to make my little V-Star what it has(and is continuing to) become. To my surprise, he responded and asked me a few questions and wanted to see some pics. A few weeks past and I didn't think much of it until Chris e-mailed and said my bike would be featured the next day!!! How cool is that. I am surprised and very honored to be on BIKEEXIF and want to say thanks to Chris for taking the time to talk with me. I also wanna thank Matt for all the help on the moto itself. (Now someone buy this bike so I can build another!)

Everyone of you should now go to his site and have a look around. Do it for me. You owe me anyway.

Here is a video of my first ride after paint and lowering. It has no seat and no fender at this point and it was just about 20 degrees F. I think me and Matt put about 10 miles on it that day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Drifting at Miller Motorsports Park

Finally time to drift again. Unfortunately neither of my cars are set-up to drift right now so I didn't drive. But that means more pictures for you.
This event was put on by Trackside Drift with a lot of help from drivers at

A lil' snow on the track never hurt anyone.

Mikey(blue car) and Yasha(white car) in some tandem action.

I love this pic but I am so mad that I didn't get the focus. Ggggrrr....
I'm in Mikey's car during some tandem against Yasha.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Done... now what?

I finally got my bobber finished and now I'm bored. It did turn out pretty good. I tuned it and it runs like a champ. But watch the pipes if you are riding in shorts. I have two new scars.

I need a new project. So if one of you will please buy this so I can start again I would appreciate it. If you would like to see a build up on this one click HERE! And if you have any how-to questions let me know.

Fancy crown valve covers.