Saturday, February 6, 2010

Done... now what?

I finally got my bobber finished and now I'm bored. It did turn out pretty good. I tuned it and it runs like a champ. But watch the pipes if you are riding in shorts. I have two new scars.

I need a new project. So if one of you will please buy this so I can start again I would appreciate it. If you would like to see a build up on this one click HERE! And if you have any how-to questions let me know.

Fancy crown valve covers.


Jeff Truex said...

I was trying to figure out how to make the tank lose some weight. Thats awesome!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I will soon be coming into a Honda Shadow Spirit 750, and as it will be a gift, and I won't have a ton of money for a new bike I love the idea of taking a lame small displacement V-twin and bobbing it into something more raw and not so overweight and underpowered. Its going to be my main bike though, so I think a (smaller) front fender and a seat that I can ride for some time without massive discomfort will be in order. I like this build though!

josh coburn said...

You should sue yamaha... They took your idea and called it a bolt.