Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Record Breaking

Too day was a record breaking day for my little blog. Today I had 245 page views!!!(My previous record is somewhere around 3. My mom and grandmothers use this site to verify that I am still alive and to prove to there friends that I am, in fact, literate.)

How did I break this record? It was all thanks to Chris at BIKEEXIF is a very cool website by Chris from his home in Sydney, Australia. He posts about; as he says, "new and classic cafe racers, customs, vintage motorbikes, retro track weapons and style icons."

I sent Chris a message a few weeks back telling him what a great site he had and that many of the bikes he posts each day have help inspire me to make my little V-Star what it has(and is continuing to) become. To my surprise, he responded and asked me a few questions and wanted to see some pics. A few weeks past and I didn't think much of it until Chris e-mailed and said my bike would be featured the next day!!! How cool is that. I am surprised and very honored to be on BIKEEXIF and want to say thanks to Chris for taking the time to talk with me. I also wanna thank Matt for all the help on the moto itself. (Now someone buy this bike so I can build another!)

Everyone of you should now go to his site and have a look around. Do it for me. You owe me anyway.

Here is a video of my first ride after paint and lowering. It has no seat and no fender at this point and it was just about 20 degrees F. I think me and Matt put about 10 miles on it that day.

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