Friday, November 7, 2008

Winter starts in... 3... 2...

Fall time couldn't make it this year so we went straight to winter. Last week the weather went from upper 70's to low 30's in about 3 days. And over night two ski resorts got enough snow to open this weekend.
Even the trees were taken by surprise. Most of them still had their leafs and about 70% were still green. The freezing temps and the snow took care of that though.
And lucky for me that means inches of leafs on the ground in all directions. Here a a couple of pics I snapped at Barnes Park in Kaysville, Utah.


Brett and Lex said...

Those trees do look pretty confused!

Ryan and Angela said...

I miss the fall in Utah!! Our leaves haven't changes color yet. I don't even think that we are going to have fall this year. It's still too hot.