Thursday, September 19, 2013

Super Autobacs and Up-Garage

The 19th started sweet and just got better. I woke up to temps in the low 70's a gift from the gods of weather themselves. Oh, I was still sweaty, but slightly less than the rest of the trip. I had an amazing eggplant curry for breakfast. You wouldn't think a spicy fast food meal would be the best way to start a day on a shakey train. but, this curry was amazing. The best curry I have ever had. If you are ever in Tsurukawa you must go to CoCo Curry. mmm... (It was less blurry in real life.)
On the train once again.

 After food, this little machine is where the majority of my money is being spent. Train fare ranges from $15 to $30 a day. Last trip I bought a rail pass and it was awesome, but, I was moving around the country a lot more. I thought just zipping back and forth in Tokyo couldn't be that expensive. Wrong. Buy J-Rail pass next time.

Then I was on my way to Super Autobacs. If you are a car guy or gal you might recognize the name. For you not car guys or gals, Super Autobacs is a bit of an america car scene legend. In reality it is just a super fancy Autozone. But an Autozone that has full, painted body kits in stock, cat back exhausts, and wheels in the most offsettiest of offsets. If all that means not a thing to you, then just know that it is neat. Verging on neat-o.

 I would describe this as a musky scent, but in a whity sort of way.
 I'll just leave this right here.

I know Super Autobacs was pretty big news. But wait. Right next door a motorcycle shop has opened! I know! I am peeing my self a little too!

 If the US was even half as cool as having a full display of Ohlins shocks that you might need I would need to visit Japan less.

 That's how you weld an exhaust.

 Just some carbon fiber wheels, IN STOCK!! Come on USA, step up your game.
This is probably my favorite store.
 I had to buy this helmet from TT & Co. Look at its cute little face and tell me you don't want to bring this little guy home too.
 After buying my new helmet I took a wander to the local post office only a few city blocks away to ship my new helmet to its new, loving home. $40 shipping my seem like a lot, but, that's only because it is.
 Anyone need me to paint this on their helmet?

This is my sack...
 This fantastic tasting little meal is what Japan does for fast food. McDonalds be damned.
 My new favorite key chain is a tempura hammerhead shark.

  These knees belong to strangers.
Once my helmet was safely on its way home, I jumped the train again and headed to an even Mecca-ier car Mecca the Super Autobacs. A place only spoken of in whispers and lust filled screams. A dream land know as Up-Garage.

You have to change trains in Shitte to get there. Just sayin'.

 Up-Garage is different from Autobacs. Autobacs is new expensive stuff. Where Up-Garage is used expensive stuff, just not as expensive.  
 Yes a full wall of body work.
 A 4AGE for only $299? Madness.
 Madder still, a 1JZ for only $400!
 Suspension for days.
More good news. Up-garage now sells used cars too. Full cars! Not just pieces of them.
 What color would you like your GTR in?

This loverly was at the car lot next door named FlyRat...
I am about to blow your mind. Up-Garage now has a motorcycle division called Riders. It is as good as it sounds. Used everything you ever wanted/needed for your motorcycle/scooter/mini-bike/pocket bike project.

I know to many, if not all of you this looks like pictures of the same things that don't mean anything to you over and over. But, trust me on this. Its all awesome-sauce. 
Most of the cars I found today were in the parking lots of these very cool places. 
S-Wagon.... Don't mind if I do.
 Who are you two hiding from?

 I never met a 3-wheeled scooter I didn't like.
 Or a massive green scooter for that matter.

 "Hi. Yeah. I need some food and I need it delivered on a bike that is smaller then the food. Oh, you can do that? Sweet."
 I never got the rusty hood trended but good on ya. 10 points for originality.
 A TS in the flesh.
 A super tasty Subie wagon.

 I want a jack-up Juke now. I said NOW!
 I also want this. Does anyone know what it is?
 I think this is the biggest car lexus makes. The LS600hl.

 This sexy machine was in the parking lot at Up-Garage. The owner and his friend told me all about it... in Japanese... I don't speak Japanese. But that is the cool part about cars. I don't need to speak Japanese to speak car. And you don't even need to speak car to be able to see their passion for something. Good times.

Then it was time for a crepe and now I am off to bed. I will leave you with some more cool man hole covers.

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Kevin H. said...

Love the photojournalism coming from your trip! Thanks for sharing. I particularly enjoyed your collection of man holes in the end...