Monday, September 23, 2013

Laundry and Shinjuku

Today was mellow. I hadn't really planned anything and my feet were tired of walking. took a long time waking up then did some laundry. I was seriously planning on spending the whole day in my sweet little apartment, but, by about 9am I knew that wasn't going to happen.
   Here is my washing machine on my balcony. And those are my shorts, socks, and underwear in Japan. Also pictured and my laundry shoes.
So, after getting bored of sitting still I got my self to Shinjuku. (If you are following on my instagram of Facebook this is gonna be old news as most of these pics are on there already.)

I had lunch on the 13th floor "White Garden" overlooking Tokyo. This is the 13th floor of a department store just outside of Shinjuku station.
 I saw this Porsche in person yesterday!
 Turns out this is an energy drink. I am pretty sure it is cough syrup flavored.
 This main street of Shinjuku was closed for a Fall solstice celebration day. Good timing by me.

 This shrine is amazingly quite and peaceful less than half a block from a main street. It was a nice break.
 Shrine entrance.

I am off to an early bed. Tomorrow I am going to try and get to the fish market. cross your fingers for me.

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