Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fish Market, Museums, and rain.

Get to the fish market early. Early in the morning and early in your trip. Early in your trip because then the jet lag is still on your side. you are awake at 4am anyway. might as well go to the fish market. Early in the day, because now they require a pass to see the actual auctions and it is first come first serve. the tickets are available at 5:15. I got there at nearly 7. Sold out. So I wandered the outer market instead. Luckily I was able to see the auctions last trip.

 Fresh fish on the right. Sushi joints on the left. It doesn't get fresher.

 They have everything you could ever want on a stick. And, a lot of things you don't want.

It had been drizzly all morning but at about 9 it really started to rain. I took a chance and went back to Ueno Park. It paid off. The museum was open. I spent the next few rainy hours in there.

 When the rain stopped I grabbed some lunch then wandered the grounds.

Now I need a shower and some noodles.

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