Friday, September 20, 2013

Earthquakes, Central Tokyo, and Shibuya

Today has been long and my dogs are a barkin'. So todays post is mainly going to be pictures. So buckle up!
But first, we had a bit of an earthquake last night. At least Fukishima did and we felt it. It was a 5.8 and Fukishima is well north of here, but it was still strong enough that it woke me up and scared me. My building is only 3 stories and I am on the top floor but when it starts shaking 3 stories is plenty high. I have never been good at having the proper amount of fear for the situation though. I just laid there hoping I didn't die. Then I didn't die. Then I went back to sleep.
I planned to see the Imperial Palace today. But, as everyone know, (except me and the dozen or so other white tourist wondering why we couldn't get in) it is closed Fridays.... So enjoy these pics of the walls and surrounding city.
 I dig the taxis here. Those hood mounted mirrors are the bee's knees.

I found the Tokyo Forensic History Museum. I didn't get to take any pictures inside but it was cool. They have a small section on torture and interrogation in ancient Japan. Those dudes were not fooling around. i did sneak a picture of the iron maiden one of the emperor's has brought over from Europe because he thought it was neat.
I had to take a picture of this little guy too. If you are a fan of the History Channels show, Ancient  Aliens you know him. He is famous as one of the proofs of "ancient astronauts". He looks space worthy to me.

Then I headed to Shibuya. Shibuya is famous for the massively crowded cross walk you have seen in every film made in Japan. So naturally I took some video of it too. The whole place is a maze of shops stuffed with people. 

And finally, some more man holes.

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