Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Got lost and found my self in Disneyland

12 hours ago I had a very specific purpose. I had a plan. I knew where I was going and I even knew how much the train fare was going to cost me. But, 12 hours is a long time. And plans on vacation are as solid as the massive amount of humidity in the air here. I honestly can not remember the plan or where it was supposed to take my. Just that it was there. 12 hours is a long time and my brain must not have liked the original plan enough to hang onto it.
And that my friends is how I ended up in Disneyland Tokyo. That was definitely not on the agenda for my Japan trip. Little kids and families go to Disneyland, not your average chubby, white guys on vacation alone. I may be a lil chubby, and a lot white, but I have never been called average.
I started my day the American way. Calories, sugar, and fat. Lets blame it on home sickness instead of my weak will.
Then I wandered. Not a very good plan. I get distracted very easily when I don't have a focus.
Even Japanese people line up for new iPhones.

 Then I wandered to Tokyo station.
 Then I ordered lunch from this machine.
 It was delicious. I for one welcome our new robot overlords and their tasty food stuffs.

This is a map of the local Tokyo underground. This is the underground only mind you. No surface tracks here. THis is how I got lost and got to wander for 3 hours.
  Then a mere 3 hours later I was arriving at Disneyland....
They have their own train!

 Minny had the longest line.

 "Hey honey, wanna go to Disneyland today?"
"Sure sweetie. But what are we gonna dress junior in. We don't want him looking foolish?"
"I dunno dearest. It is only 85 degrees, full sun and 85% humidity. How about we cram him in a duck suit?"
"Thats why I married you."
This must have been the conversation that 50% of the parents had this morning because 1/2 the kids under 3 were dressed in puffy costumes. And 1/4 of the adults were.

 The parking lot was less then 1/4 full and the park was standing room only. I can't imagine this in the busy season.

 I did not wait in the 40 min line for this.
 Oddly this is not a bathroom.
 Even odder, this IS a pizza. And a $10 pizza at that.
That pizza is when I knew it was time to go back to my hotel.
 Japan has people.

 It also has some nice buildings.

I stopped for dinner at a small traditional Japanese restaurant two doors down from my hotel. The name was in Kanji and I don't read Kanji. When it shows up on my credit card bill I will let you know what it is. They did have a super cool rabbit to hold my chop sticks.
 A tasty end to a day full of wandering. My feets is sore and I am switching hotels for the last time tomorrow. Good night kiddos.

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