Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tokyo Video Game show 2013

     Disclaimer: Most of these pictures are blurry. It was dark and I only took my iPhone in. They got so crap I gave up on taking pictures at all half way through.

     This thing was insane. The busiest crosswalk in Japan I posted yesterday had nothing on this pile of people. I had to touch way more strangers than I normally like to. It was weird.
     These are just a small bit of the people I had to touch just to get in.
 I made the mistake of cutting through the center of this crowd. 20 minutes of the worst type of fondling.
 This is mid fondle. It's not blurry there are just tears on the lens because I was weeping for my lost innocence.

By far the coolest game I saw was Octodad :Dadliest Catch. It's a game about an Octopus that is pretending to be human and no one suspects a thing. He has a wife, kids and no bones. The controls are all over the place and he mostly just knocks stuff over. There were no picture allowed of the game play so here is the trailer. Bask in its awesome.
It was actually ridiculous to control but the game play and the idea are hilarious. 
I didn't play many games because the average wait time on them was 2 hours. TWO HOURS!
You weren't allowed to take pics of most of the games. Here are some pictures of pictures of games and some booths.

 Grand Turismo 6 looked amazing. Thats what these pics are from. Forza 5 was similarly cool.

And now the booth girls you have all been waiting for. And a few cosplayers.

And I found this Soarer...

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