Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beautiful Pile

I love cars.
They're fast and shiny and they sound cool. What's not to love?
I have one car that I have extra strong feelings about. Its my Nissan 240SX.
To most people it is a loud ugly car with mismatched paint and wheels; that is too low to the ground and doesn't have A/C.
I stand here today to defend my car. My Nissan is....

All of the above is true.

I guess I most people can't see it for the beauty that's inside. And I don't mean what's inside of the cab. (I ripped everything but the seats out.(too heavy!)) This lil' beauty has heart and soul.
Most of the car I bought from a buddy for $500. Bargain. The rest of it I had shipped from Japan. I pulled out the motor and took off the American 240SX front sheet metal. I crammed the much livelier Japanese motor in and then slapped on the Japanese 240SX front sheet metal. (The 240SX is known as the Nissan Silvia in Japan.)
Why do I tell you all this? No real reason. But its my blog and I will tell you boring car stories if I want . So take that!
Just kidding, I am just explaining why I took this next set of picture. It's too show you how beautiful my lil' Nissan is.
And without further blabbing about car stuff... Enjoy!

The removable steering wheel is the only anti-theft I have.

It's a lil' thing I like to call camber. Can You dig it?

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