Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday Morning

If it’s Saturday morning and 95 degrees I usually think to myself, “Self, maybe it's time for you to go sit in the air conditioned basement.”

But it was not to be.

My great friends B&B Stevenson are back in Layton for the summer. And Brooke had decided that this 95 degree Saturday I would get no time sitting in an air conditioned anything.

Brad and Brooke were married six years ago. Since then they have both finished their bachelors degrees, had a son Tate, moved to St. Louis where Brad attends med school and there they had a second son Luke.

That’s a long way to go in six years.

When B&B were engaged they had there engagement photos taken on Antelope Island. Brooke thought that it was time to take the whole Stevenson fam (That’s B&B&T&L) out to the island again for some updated photos.

They were nice enough to indulge there long time friend, me, and let me take the new pictures for them.

Luckily they are a very cute and photogenic family.

You can't tell from the picture, but Tate hated walking in this water worse then anyone has ever hated anything.

Luke was pretty well worn out by the end of the day.

Luke was either drunk or he can't walk yet. I forget which.


Stevenson Family said...

Sky...AKA, the miracle worker photographer!! Well done!! I have looked at these pics everyday since you took them!! Love them!!

SarahBara said...

You seriously need to do this for a living! Those pics are tight!!! So when should we schedule a session? Or are you already booked?

SarahBara said...

Hey, I just checked my e-mail, and we can do pics whenever, ummmm....are saturday's the best for you? I hope you post the pictures you were taking at the wedding, I'm excited to see them.

Abe, Nicole, Jacob, & Logan said...

So, I've been secretly visiting your blog for a few months now (ever since you posted it on your facebook profile) 'cause I like to look at cool pictures. Until today...when I saw these pictures of Brad and his little family I was BLOWN away! These are amazing! You have such a great eye for catching just the right shot. When can you do mine? Seriously, we'll be in Utah in August, so if you're interested at all, let me know. I might even pay you...

Wood & Mel said...

Sky, these pictures are so beautiful!!! I love how different your pictures are, they capture the moment. And every pictures shows the happiness in their family. LOVE EM!!