Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It rained last night.
It's overcast and 50 degrees this morning.
We lost sigh of the truck and trailer almost forever ago.
My McDonald's apple pie is sitting like a tasty brick in my stomach. (Worth it.)
If we keep this pace we will be there by 8.30. That means 12+ hours today and almost the same tomorrow.
I love the dunes.
This is the tree that crows live in.
Nope. This is not Paul. This is the hard core son of the camp next door.Paul's Banshee is the loudest . Never ride next to him. Your ears bleed.
But, it's also monkey fast so we let it slide.
There is a lot of money at the dunes sometimes.The Kurt. Matt's boot.This was taken pre-dunes. I love it.


SarahBara said...

hey sky, do you guys live at the dunes??? Looks like you had fun!

Ryan and Angela said...

Is Matt creepy bald now? I think I liked the Jesus look better. And... I thought you saved breaking body parts for when you teach me snowboarding?!?!