Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We were lucky this year.

Normally we are done with the Dunes by mid-May. Not this year. This year it has been cool and rainy. That means we get more Dune trips in before we have to head to the mountains.
It was rainy and cool so we decided we would go one more time this past weekend.

I took the time to cover my helmet in fur before this trip.
It took about 4 hours. I think it was worth it.
I will try and get some more pics of it up soon.

Here is the normal crew. Well, everyone but the tree, this was his first time with us.
Left to right: Sky (Me), Kurt, Hay, Cort, Mark, Paul and Matt.

About 15 mins into our ride I did this.
I do things like this from time to time.
It's normally not that much fun.
I do take more pics when this happens because I can't jump anything.
Its too swollen to tell if its broken yet. I have to go for more x-rays in a few weeks.
Something in there is definitely in the wrong place.

Show offs Mark and Cort being watched by Hayley.
Paul is disgusted with this picture.

We drove out to a cabin Matt once lost himself at.
All you have to do to find it is drive the wrong way back from Sand Mountain.
It's that easy.

If you're old and in the desert you're gonna get shot at.
That's why we don't let Gramps wander anymore.

Here is the stable.

Here's Cort and Hay being cute in front of the stable.

The fans watching Paul hill climb.

Team Cort is a go.

Creepy dune bug.

Who can guess what this is?


Stevenson Family said...

Sky your camera takes the coolest pictures!!!! Please do a family photo shoot for us when we get there!!I won't show Brad this post until after he has taken his boards. Poor kid studies like 10 hours a day!! I'm proud of him though. He works hard for his family, but could use a the dunes.

SarahBara said...

That last picture looks like Matt's sunburned head. Am I right? Do I get a prize or anything? And did you really break your hand? AND why oh why did you wrap your helmet in fur? It looks cool!

Mist said...

hey sky, my pics are lame compared to yours.. but thanks for sharing your blog with me! will favourite it :) LURRVE your pics.