Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Take my camera to work day!

One of my co-workers grows some beautiful orchids at her home. Every once in a while when they bloom she will bring them in. When she showed up with this purple phalaenopsis a week or 2 ago that was all the excuse I needed to bring my camera into the office.
There were a few other things sitting around my desk that caught my eye.

This two button switch was returned by a customer last week.
It's patiently waiting for the factory to respond to my e-mails.

This is Toast Ninja.
I found him on Jonny Chiba's Blog.
I printed him off, folded him up and put him to work.
He stands guard over all of my possessions here at work.
You do not want to be on his bad side.

And here is the shot Toast uses in his portfolio.
Meet bokzomby.
He is another Jonny Chiba creature.
I can't tell I'm not sure if he and Toast are friends or not.
They stand pretty close together.
But there are a lot of stink-eyes being handed out.

Here is The Ed.
He is our warehouse manager here at work.
He's a good kid.
He is also the inspiration for one of my other blogs.
Zombie Ed's blog spot.

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