Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dinner with friends.

I went to dinner with Cort and Hay the other night. And lucky for them I take my camera with me all the time. (All my friends make "I hate your camera face" but, I am fairly sure they like it.)
We went to McCool's Public House. (That's really the name.)

But first Matt's shoes.

McCool's is really tasty. Everything on the menu sounds great. And is according to the staff. It had a lot of very recognizable dishes with a different/delicious twist on the flavors.

Here is a picture of our fried cheese appetizer. It was good but the sauce was the winner. It was a sweet tomato vinaigrette. I wouldn't let them take the plate. I kept the left over and put it on my main course.

The water was also top notch!
I think my friends favorite part about my camera is that it makes them get up and pose while we wait for dinner. At least Cort and Hay are cute and nice enough to follow my orders.

Cort grows some nice lavender.

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