Sunday, July 6, 2008

I volunteered to ride in the MS 100 "best dam bike tour" on June 28th. It's a fund raiser to support MS research and I was going to ride on the Wasatch Electric/Graybar Electric team. But, with the wrist problem I have recently developed, there was no way I could lean forward on my wrist for 100 miles. So, I went up and took pictures instead.

Here's the view from the starting line. This year they had 3,033 rides.

A few of my team mates pulling into rest stop #3.

This is Shaun. He was there taking photos for the Wasatch/Graybar team as well. He's a great photographer. You had better check out his website here.
The start!


Shaun said...

Killer shots man! Thanks for the plug.

Vida said...

What can I say...the pictures are great Sky - so are you! Nothing like a mothers objective opinion. :)

Beegirl said...

LOVE the shot from the starting line. I really need to get out my bike..