Saturday, September 26, 2009

Did you say farmers market?

Yes, yes I did say farmers market.

My good friends, Tiff and Harmony, let me go with them to the farmers market at Pioneer park in Salt Lake City. I sneezed a lot, my pocket smells like lavender and I got yelled at for taking pictures of a dog. (We think it must have been stolen. (That's the only real explanation.))

I did make it home intact with a pile of fresh raspberry's, honey on the comb, hummus, tasty Swiss cheese and a slight stomach ache from eating too many of the afore mentioned raspberry's. (Afore is a word no matter what spell check tells me. stupid spell check.)

Tiff is about to enjoy something or get her tonsils checked.

Yes I do own some of these. Yes they are as good as they look.

Dog. (Not the one I was yelled at for.)

So many mushrooms.

These cuff links are made out of old type writer keys. How sweet is that! Makes me wish I fancy dressed more so I would need a pair or two.

Don't take candy from strangers Billy...
Unless they are painted gold. Then they must be legit.


Tomer said...

> stupid spell check.)

You might want to take a look at Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). It is a terrific spell checker that works in all programs, including blogs. It also has optional grammar check.

Tiffany said...

Yes yes that was so fun and so good and I want to go back right now! If we went again and ran into the dude with the stolen dog, you know you would have to get a secret pic, right?

Good photos Sky... Yum yum!