Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On my week off.

I took a little trip last week to see my parents (The Kip and The Vida) and my sister and her husband(Trout and Jer-Bear(I bet he hates that I called him that.).) They all live in Washington; just across the border from Portland.
We we lucky that Jer-Bear's parents let us stay in their beach house on Long Beach most of the time and it was crazy cool.
I am going to warn you now; I took a lot of pictures and I am posting a lot of them. Enjoy.

Me and The Kip found this nice pier while wandering in Portland.

That looks like The Kip on the end of the pier.

Trout on Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The Hay Stacks on Cannon Beach.

Is it just me or does he look like he knows more about life then I do?

There are a lot of pictures of the Hay Stack because I love it so.

We stopped at Fort Stephens. An old coastal fort that opened during the Civil War.
It has seen better days.

This is what a wrecked ship looks like.

And here is me and a wrecked ship.

My new desktop wallpaper.

Then we stopped at the free museum in Long Beach. It was free for a reason.
I hope no one puts a price tag on my stuffed head after I die.

I'm pretty sure this is real.

The Kip, the moon and me.

Light house of Cannon Beach.

More Hay Stacks.

The Kip and The Vida.
(Dear Mom, This picture is your own fault for never facing the camera when I try and take your picture.)

He kept a very close watch on me.

This time I didn't get in trouble for taking the dog's picture.

What a great place for a chair.

This little girl was the only one on the beach tough enough to brave the cold water. She spent a few minutes trying to convince The Kip into joining her but he wasn't falling for it.


Stevenson Family said...

Cool pictures!! If I'm not too fat maybe we can do some family pictures this fall. Or...maybe some pregnancy pictures????
We'll be there pretty soon!

Ryan and Angela said...

Those all turned out great! It is really pretty there. Good work Sky! And after you're done with family pics with Brooke... we might need you to do some engagement pics up there for Stevi! Yes Stevi!

Andrea Witter said...

Awesome awesome pics Sky!!! Made me miss that place a TON!

Harmony said...

Ha! The dog picture is obviously my favorite. -very cute too. Love love love the haystacks. I'd love to see them with my own eyes. cool you got to stay in a beach house!

Stevenson Family said...

What great pictures Sky! Thanks for taking so many of them. The lighting on some of them is amazing.

Tiffany said...

I like the one with The Kip on the dock. Actually I liked all of them and had a comment for each of them, but I'm lazy and probably won't. So good job Sky. Good good job.