Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Trout please

Here you will find my second to last installment of pics from my sisters wedding. (She had a reception here in Utah full of pictures. I will get to it so settle down.)

If you were there, (which you weren't cause I didn't see you and I was there the whole time taking pictures and your not in any of them) you would know, that it was about 36,000 degrees and upwards of 340% humidity. The wedding party rose to the occasion and weathered the heat storm with no ill effects. (This was no small feat. Several on lookers had to be escorted to the shade by a special team of Marines that I just made up as none of that actually happened, but it was hot.)

But I digress, it was hot and my sister still pulled of "beautiful" without a hitch. Enjoy these pics with my apologize for the text you just had to read. It has been a long day and I have am tired.

Flower Girl

Normally I will prosecute this amount of cheese-balliness to the fullest extent of the law, but,
with Jeremy looking on it made for a good pic.

Again a lil' cheese-balling was worth it.

Heading down the Isle.

This is called kissing. I have heard good things.

Now this is a truly rare sight. My parents pretending to be chickens.

First dance

Jeremy wasn't about to take his eyes off the food just to look at the camera.