Sunday, August 31, 2008

P&L's Wedding!

I got a chance to take pics at my good friends Paul & Lindsey's wedding last weekend. Maybe "chance" isn't the right word. Lindsey sent me a text day of the wedding and told me that I would be staying at the reception for the duration and I would have my camera in hand. Luckily her hired photographer was nice enough to let me shoot with her.
Here a a few of my favs. I hope you like them Lindsey and good luck to the two of you crazy kids.
Brother of the groom Nate. But you can call him Six-two.

Lindsey & Paul
Father of the groom and local folk hero David P. Stewart. (Do not call him swamp monkey!)

Excellent food.

It's okay. Hes a professional.

First dance.

Matt can't even stop taking care of business for a wedding.

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