Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More FireHouse

We'd come to a consensus . We would eat food. And we would eat it at The FireHouse yet again. After all, if you are going to eat a pile of carbs large enough to feed a small village of hunger pygmies for two hours; it may as well be a delicious pile of carbs.

My first shot is of the brothers Wiberg. (You can pronounce it wide-bird. Of course that's not the way it's pronounced but you can pronounce it that way if you like.) The focused one is Newb. And the one with a short attention span is Kurt.Shot two is also of our friends the Brothers Wiberg. (P.s. Ladies, they are single)
Matt was concerned, maybe overly so, about Nathans selection on the menu. After a few tears and lots of hugs they worked everything out and I'm glad to say that they are great friends to this day.
This looks like some type of food. Almost like bread. But in stick form.
Synchronized biting. Look for them in London 2012! (Our hopes and our hearts go with you Brothers Wiberg)
And there he is. Man of the hour. We were actually eating together because this is Paul last weekend before he and his gal-pal Linsey tie the knot. (That's code for marriage.) And lucky him he gets to sit right by my camera again.

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