Tuesday, August 5, 2008

FireHouse Pizzeria

Me and the regular gang of hooligans and at least one ruffian went to dinner at the FireHouse Pizzeria in Centerville. It was good and a much shorter wait then most of the places on a Friday night.
Lucky for my friends my camera came with us yet again.

Matt likes to pretend that he has lots of business to take care of. Ruffian!
Lucky Paul. He got to sit right by my camera all night.
I don't know what Kurt and Matt are doing but Cort feels left out. Poor lil' guy.
Cort scares easy.
I had baked, crab and shrimp pasta. And the tastiness ensued.You can really see Pauls love for my camera in this shot. It's in his eyes.

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Stevenson Family said...

You forgot to mention that there were a few important people missing! Ha! Cool pictures!