Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowcross at MMP

Last Saturday I got to drive, and drive fast. Truth be told I always drive fast. But, Saturday, Miller Motorsports Park and the Utah SCCA gave me the chance to do it legally and safely on a track. It's called Snowcross. They don't clean the track or even remove snow. You race on what ever the track gives you. We were lucky that there was no snow and the only dirt on the track was put there by cars going off. There were over 60 cars on the track. It was a fun fast track with plenty of spots to drift and grip at high speeds. The only problem is that it throws off my whole speed perspective. On the way home I cursed people for driving so slow only to notice i was well over 100 MPH. HA! (Don't tell my mom or grandma.)
Sign up starts early in the morning. This is sunrice from MMP parking lot.

Mikey took this pic for me while I was out on track. Cool pic. Thanks Mike.

Mikey getting ready to launch off the starting line.

Don't laugh. This is a fast lil' car. And he blew his mopor three days before the
event and had it rebuilt and in the car at 9:30 the night before.

Mikey's parts pile before the race.


Vida said...

This is your mom speaking. SLOW THE FRICK DOWN!!!!

Ryan and Angela said...

Oooo... you better listen to your mom, Sky!