Saturday, January 24, 2009

I forgot all about these pictures.

Lucky for me Ryan and Angela drove up here a few days after Christmas to visit. They also brought their lovely little girl Mackinzie, who I had never met. They made it just in time to see Brad and Brooke and their two boys Luke and Tate who were in town visiting from St. Louis. They are all great friends to me and they have the best kids. It was good to see them all, I love them and hope they can make the trip again soon.

Luke stole Kinzie's head band and had a great time cross dressing.
Tate was more then happy to chill on dad's lap.

This is such a cute picture of Kinzie I had to post the B&W and the color.


Brett and Lex said...

CUTE!! What a pretty little girl Luke makes!

Stevenson Family said...

Those are adorable! Why is the Guke so excited to be a girl? Way to be camera-ready, Sky!

Ryan and Angela said...

I love the pictures! I definitely want you to e-mail them to me! I wish that Kinzie had as much hair as Luke! He was very excited to wear that headband.