Saturday, September 6, 2008

Drift when you can.

Last night was the final drift event of the season out at RMR. I have been avoiding drifting since I sold my car because it makes me too sad to be around it and not participate. The good news is, my good friend Mikey took first in points for the season in the 240SX I built. Congrats to Mike. He's a great driver and a super duper guy. (And he takes good car of my 240.)
After going out to RMR last night I have decided to take donations for the "Get Sky a new drift car so he can stop crying and drive sideways more" foundation. Your help is appreciated.
Anywho, here are a few picks from the parking lot...

If you didn't know already, zip ties are sexy!

You have to do something to keep the fluids in.
I found this barn on the drive home.
I found these shoes on my feet.