Thursday, October 13, 2011

Now boys and girls it is time for artsy, photographer like pictures from my road trip with my aunt and uncle. You will at no point in this post be forced to look at any pictures of any of my motorcycles. So fear not you can enjoy in peace.

First stop is lovely, flat Pendleton, OR.

Then just north of the Gorge in Washington we ran into a woman on a golf cart. 
Not that odd. Until you see her passengers.

My uncle getting too close to the seals in Astoria, OR.

Pacific City, OR.

I love beaches. I love giant rocks.

Fishermen would back their trailered boats as fast as they could into the surf. Then slam on the breaks flinging the boats into the sea. Then they gas it back up the beach to park their trucks and sprint back to the boat before it washes out to sea. I was LOLing during this entire process.

Beautiful orange sand stone cliffs also at Pacific City.


Cool little mushrooms on the trail to Munson Falls.
 Munson Creek

Taking off from PDX on a clear day and you can see some cool peaks.

Pacific City Panorama.

Pendleton, OR. It really is that flat. Kansas like.


Mindy said...

those are awesome pics! beautiful

Andrea Witter said...

Awesome pics Sky! I love them :-)

Mist said...

absolutely adore the first 3 pics. :) and hello again