Friday, April 22, 2011

I already Knoll.

Sorry it has been so long kids. I worked at Snowbasin this winter, for Face Shots Photography, until I ate it snowboarding and landed on my camera. This "landing" forced the camera into a spot between my ribs that is way to small for a camera.

This was sad.

Sad, because, the Snowbasin gig was the coolest I had ever had and now I couldn't stand up for any period of time.

Anyways, I have sense had my ribs put back and can now stand for minutes on end. So I took my shiny new dirt bike out to the Knolls to ride. Luckily when I got there my front tire was almost flat so I just took pictures instead. If you need more pics you can find them HERE!

Lets start with the best. Below is a four shot sequence that I lucked into.
In them Chris almost wheelies over...
Then saves it...
Then un-saves it...
Then celebrates with a hand stand...Brad gettin' some.

140 making it.

Chris, 140 and Brad.

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