Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally.... Brooke's Bridals.

Last month me, The Kip, The Vida and Trout (that's Brooke) spent several hours driving around the back roads of Portland until I saw just the right spots. It can only be the perfect spot when your doing the bridal pictures for your very own lil' sis.

I know it was a long haul but I think the pay off was worth it. Good work team.

And I finally got the go ahead to post my favs from last month.

Here is the actual text conversation we had:
I'm posting more of your bridal pics. try and stop me.
Aaaaaaarrrgghhrghh........ Fine.

It was an epic battle of wills but I feel it was worth it.


I had to share a bathroom with this attitude for 18 years.

Anything for the shot.

She even looks great cramed in the back of a car.


Ryan and Angela said...

Those turned out great! Brooke looks beautiful! Good work Sky! And... why am I not surprised there is a crotch/foot shot of you in her pics!! Yes, I still have all those ones that you did!! You know what I am talking about! If it wasn't your foot or crotch, it was a hamburger!

Andrea Witter said...

Awesome awesome pics! She is beautiful!

Nicole said...

Awesome shots...of course it doesn't hurt that Brooke looks like a supermodel! But seriously, you have a great eye for creative shots...can't wait to see what you'll do next!

Brett and Lex said...