Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have been slacking on the photos and the posting. Sorry. I bought the little red 240SX in the pictures below and have been trying to turn it into my new drift car.
I thought I had better get a different car to drift because I have already ruined 2nd gear, a clutch and flywheel in the RX8. Even with the warranty I will end up paying about $1500. And the new 240SX only cost $1000 to buy. Ha-ha.
I think it is almost ready to slide now. It still has a few bugs to work out. I am going to give it a go this Friday at Rocky Mountain Raceway for their Midnight Drift series that's sponsored by Drift Enterprise. I am also the photographer for Drift enterprise. If your local you should come watch and I'll take you for a slide around the track.


Ryan and Angela said...

You need to be a little nicer to your cars!

Mist said...

sweet :) how have you been?