Friday, March 20, 2009


We had a bunch of paved acreage, tire and some cones. But what else do you really need to have a good time.

A few posts ago when I shouted, "'Tis the season!" I had a lot of seasons in mind. Not only do I get to drive on sand at the Dunes and rock at the Moab, but I also get to drive sideways on asphalt!

It's drift season again!!!

Our first event for the season was at Miller Motorsports Park in Grantsville Utah. They let us slide around in the parking lot till the dust of burnt tires was thick on my dash board.

We have several more events this year, mainly put on by Drift Enterprise, our local drift gig heroes. Click on their name to see the schedule for the year. Pick an event and come join us for some drifting. I'll take you for a ride around the track.

And if you need more pics of the event you can see all the cars from all the angles here at, our local forum.

This is what my stock RX-8 looks like going sideways. It is possible, just very hard.
I made brandon run it around the track for me so I could get some photo proof that they will slide.

This is a big day in the lives of all of my cars. The first destroyed set of tires.
He's getting so big

I found one more zipper then anyone else.

Don't worry, it happens to Josh every event.


My very furry helmet.

Brandon hard at work.

If I were to stand on my car and take a picture this is what it would look like.
But why would I do that?

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drifting!! :)
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