Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I get to go to Moab a few times a year. And I get to go there with a bunch of my favorite people. We always have a good time and usually sweat pretty hard. And hopefully some of those people hold still long enough for me to get good pics of them.
Here is the view from camp!

Nate and his girls out for a morning walk.
Matt is so majestic.

Congrats! You found the trail! The odd thing is, this marker is on the edge of a cliff. Hmm...
Right after this Photo Matt's tire slipped, swung around and almost caught me in the face! Good times.
140's take off. Pete's close on his heels.
This one looks cooler bigger. I promise.

140 gets bored when he is not climbing or jumping off of something.

I'm pretty sure this photo saved Cort's life.
The Matt!



The great big Moab sky.

We had some truck trouble on the drive home.
More snow in my yard.
And some dough for good luck.

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